Research Session - Reporting Outputs of Automation

There is an underwhelming quantity of test reporting options. The protocols for integration are few (XUnit and TAP) and the few tools that I found are not focused on reporting.

If adopting a reporting tool, I would recommend using SonarQube. If using this tool, then the report output best supported is XUnit.

An alternative approach would be to build a custom reporting tool and dashboard, that reflects the team’s Domain Model and surfaces only relevant information.

Session notes below the fold…

Mission: Look into UT reporting formats and opportunities to integrate results from different frameworks


  • Research outputs from Mocha test runner
  • Research outputs from JUnit
  • Find commonalities for producing a single report


  • Start: March 24, 2014
  • Learn: Read about the many default outputs of Mocha The key options appear to be TAP, JSON, DOC/HTML, XUnit

    • JSON output is clean, but not a defined spec to exist in other tools
    • DOC/HTML: Functional for reporting, but not integratable with other tools
    • TAP (Test Anything Protocol): Cool, this one is a spec and meant to allow cross-communication
    • XUnit: The Mocha website does not offer any documentation on what this is… Needs further investigation
  • Learn: XUnit. Looks like this Mocha option is the same as the default output from JUnit

    • Ownership of this spec is not clear. May be Apache, may be Surefire…
    • Looks like a good starting point if only Mocha and JUnit reports need to be integrated
  • Learn: What TAP options are there

    • A Java TAP Producer exists for JUnit and TestNG called tap4j
    • Good slides on TAP and trying to integrate small suites into a single reporting solution Potential integration platforms: Sonar, TestLink, Smolder
  • Test Reporters

    • Sonar: Most polished of the 3 options. Provides more than just script report execution, but also code coverage, code quality evaluation, and more Doesn’t seem to support TAP
    • TestLink: Focused on being a CMS (Content Management System) for test cases and scenarios, with support for uploading script reports
    • Smolder: Similar to TestLink, but with less documentation. Looks more user-friendly, but has less support
  • Read article “Why Don’t You use TAP?
Written on April 1, 2014