Learning and Assimilating "Testing"

I may be new to the testing team at work, but I am no stranger to the culture exposed on the internet. I have long been a reader of many online blogs regarding testing. To name a few of my regular reads:

On top of that, if you watch twitter, it is a hotbed of conversations and battles on the definition of “Testing”  and the visionary future of the field.

I wish I knew where the similar meta-level conversations happen around other aspects of software craftmanship. Most conversations I have spotted are to highlight the latest cool tool or technology. The focus on the long-term sustainability and improvements might not be happening in the recorded public spaces.

Speaking of culture, I am a partial stranger to the culture of testers at my work. Luckily I often talk to members of the team, but that is different from being fully submerged in the plights and passions of the individuals. Now I shall strive for a deeper empathy.

I am listening to conversations and asking questions. I hope to be able to contribute meaningfully to my new family.

I need to give thought to my direction, as there are many roads that can be traveled.

Written on January 18, 2014