Week 3 - ... Gathers No Moss

This week the team said farewell to a valuable teacher: Paul Holland. He had joined us for a fixed duration to learn who we are, share his observations and teach his knowledge. I am glad to have met him, and hope to continue to learn from not just his experiences but those of his fellow Context-Driven Testers.

In other news… the automation stone is rolling downhill gathering speed. We have offered to train others in using Selenium to author automated Web scripts. After talking to fellow members of the department, we have thirty interested individuals (including some managers)!

We’re going about the training in a new way for us, as a conversation and improv demo. Most meetings would have been a room of 30 people staring at a power point presentation for an hour. Instead we will host a group of five at a time and ask them what they already know, what they want to know, and show them how we might solve a similar situation using Selenium. I think it will be fun even though the first one will be uncomfortable as it is a new experience :)

Late in the week, my partner in automation research and I were inspired: why not use d3.js to render information about Domain Model of a product? For JUnit functional checks, we could surface the results by Entity of a product to help owners prioritize deeper analysis. This tool is going well, and hopefully this month we can share it with the community :P


Exciting times.

Written on February 7, 2014